Exterior Treatments

“Elevate Your Vehicle’s Elegance: Our comprehensive car care extends beyond the surface, delivering quality and sophistication through specialized exterior treatments. From meticulous detailing and polishing to advanced PPF and ceramic coatings, graphene enhancements, and vibrant wraps, our services are tailored to preserve and enhance your car’s impeccable exterior, safeguarding it against daily hazards. Discover the perfect blend of protection and sophistication with our curated range of exterior treatments.”


Ceramic Coating

Ditch the endless car washes and say hello to effortless shine with ceramic coating! This innovative technology is the ultimate shield for your vehicle, providing long-lasting protection and a breathtaking gloss that turns heads. Contact us to get a free Quote today !!!


  • Scratches & swirls: No more worrying about parking lot dings or those annoying car wash scratches. Ceramic coating acts like a super-thin shield, keeping your paint pristine.
  • Bird droppings & grime: Say goodbye to stubborn stains! The coating’s water-repellent magic makes dirt and debris slide right off. Wash day becomes a breeze.
  • Fading & dullness: Sun’s the worst enemy to your car’s shine. Ceramic coating blocks harmful UV rays, keeping your paint vibrant and glossy for years.
  • Boosts shine: Get that mirror-like finish you admire on new cars. Ceramic coating amplifies your paint’s natural shine, turning heads wherever you go.
  • Makes cleaning a breeze: Forget scrubbing – a quick rinse is all it takes to keep your car looking spotless. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance on this slick surface.
  • Brands used : 3M , ONYX , ADAMS POLISH

Graphene Coating

Graphene coating is the latest and most advanced technology in car care, offering unparalleled protection and shine. This revolutionary material, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice, provides a host of benefits for your vehicle.Contact us to get a free Quote today !!!


    •  Unmatched Durability: Graphene is the strongest material on Earth, making your coating exceptionally scratch and swirl resistant. Imagine your car’s paint being shielded by a layer of diamond-like toughness!
    •  Superior Hydrophobicity: Water and dirt simply bead up and roll off the surface, making cleaning a breeze. Say goodbye to endless car washes and enjoy a self-cleaning effect that keeps your car looking spotless for longer.
    • Ultimate Shine and Gloss: Graphene enhances the natural beauty of your paint, bringing out a deep, mirror-like shine that turns heads wherever you go. Imagine your car gleaming like a freshly waxed showpiece, every single day!

    • UV Protection: Harmful UV rays can fade and damage your car’s paint over time. Graphene acts as a barrier, blocking UV rays and preventing premature aging. Your car’s paint will stay vibrant and fresh for years to come.

    • Easy Maintenance: Once applied, graphene coating requires minimal maintenance. Simply wash your car as usual and enjoy the long-lasting benefits. No more frequent waxing or polishing needed!

    • Brands Used : ONYX

Car Wrapping

Transform Your Ride in Dubai: Unleash Your Vision with Best-in-Class Car Wraps.Forget boring factory paint! Unleash your personality and transform your car with Dubai's finest car wrapping services. From head-turning color wraps to sleek custom designs, we have the expertise and passion to make your vision a reality. Boost your car's value and turn heads at every turn with our durable, premium wraps. Get a free quote today and experience the magic of car wrapping!


  • Express Yourself: Forget limitations, choose from a dazzling rainbow of colors, eye-catching textures, and endless customization options – let your car be a masterpiece on wheels.
  • Stand Out From the Crowd: Turn heads everywhere you go with a unique, personalized wrap that reflects your style and personality. Be the envy of Sheikh Zayed Road, not just another beige CAR.
  • Protection Like No Other: Our high-quality vinyl wraps shield your car’s original paint from scratches, fading, and harmful UV rays. It’s like a protective suit of style for your vehicle.
  • Boost Your Resale Value: A professionally installed wrap can increase your car’s resale value by making it stand out from the competition. Potential buyers will be blown away by the head-turning looks.
  • Seamless, Flawless Finish: Our expert team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and premium materials to deliver a flawless, bubble-free finish that looks factory-original.
  • Brands used :  Avery Dennison, Hexis , KPMF

Paint Protection Films (ppf)

Imagine driving through Dubai's vibrant streets, confident your car's gleaming finish is untouchable. With premium Paint Protection Film (PPF), that dream becomes reality. Forget endless touch-ups and expensive repairs – PPF acts as an invisible shield, safeguarding your car from everyday dangers:


  •  Scratches? Vanish: Minor scratches and swirls simply self-heal, thanks to PPF’s revolutionary technology. Your car keeps its flawless finish, effortlessly.
  • Sun’s Wrath Deflected: Dubai’s sun can fade even the most vibrant paint. But self-healing PPF blocks harmful UV rays, preserving your car’s shine and color for years to come.
  • Rock Chip Rebellion: Door dings and flying pebbles become a distant memory. Self-healing PPF absorbs minor impacts, preventing unsightly chips and dings.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Dirt and dust simply bead up and roll off, making washing a breeze. PPF’s hydrophobic magic keeps your car looking spotless longer.
  • Mirror-Like Finish: Self-healing PPF amplifies your paint’s natural beauty, adding an unmatched, deep gloss that turns heads wherever you drive.
  • Long-Lasting Investment: Protect your car’s value with PPF. It safeguards your paint, boosting resale value and saving you money in the long run.
  • Color Confidence: From fiery reds to sleek blacks, self-healing PPF protects any color with equal brilliance. Choose your perfect shade and let your car truly shine.

UV Treatement

The rapid rusting of your car due to paint oxidation can be mitigated through this service, which creates a robust protective layer over the paint. Beyond imparting a glossy finish to the surface, it also acts as a safeguard against color fading.

The Process

  •  Thorough washing, mopping and cleaning
  •  Cleaning tough stains and tar using cleaning clay and degreaser
  •  Application of paste wax over the cleaned surface
  •  Application of graphene coating at a clean atmosphere using graphene applicator

Exterior Polishing

Unleash Your Car's Hidden Shine: Dubai's Finest Polishing Awaits Dubai deserves dazzling rides. But relentless sun and desert dust can dull even the most vibrant paint. Don't settle for faded beauty – unlock your car's true potential with expert polishing services. Don't settle for mediocre. Choose Dubai's leading polishing experts and unlock the hidden beauty of your car. We offer convenient schedules, affordable packages, and guaranteed results.


  • Sunbaked Scratches & Swirls? Gone: Our meticulous polishing process erases minor imperfections, revealing a flawless, mirror-like finish.
  • Dust & Grime Surrender: Say goodbye to stubborn grime! Our deep cleaning and polishing techniques leave your car gleaming under Dubai’s sun.
  • Vibrant Colors Restored: Faded paint comes back to life. Our polishing specialists revive hues, making your car the brightest star on the road.
  • Value Boost: A polished car turns heads and commands a higher price. Invest in a service that protects your investment.
  • Effortless Upkeep: No more endless car washes! Polished surfaces stay cleaner longer, saving you time and money.
  • Ultimate Satisfaction: See your car reborn – gleaming, radiant, and ready to turn heads across Dubai’s vibrant streets.

Surface Refinement

Forget Polishing, Resurrect Your Ride: Surface Refinement for Dubai's Classics. Is your car whispering tales of forgotten adventures, etched in its faded paint and tired surface? Skip the temporary shine of polishing! Unleash the magic of Surface Refinement – Dubai's answer to bringing old cars back to life:


  • Beyond Polishing, a True Transformation:

    • Scratches & Swirls? Vanish. Deep scratches and swirling marks don’t stand a chance against our meticulous refinishing process. Your car’s paint will be restored, not just glossed over.
    • Sun’s Dullness? Erased. Years of sun damage fade away, revealing the vibrant color your car once boasted. Dubai’s harsh sun no longer holds power.
    • Door Dings & Chips? Conquered. Even dents and chips can be expertly concealed, giving your car a smooth, flawless finish. No more unsightly imperfections detracting from its beauty.
    • Long-Lasting Radiance, Not Temporary Gleam. Surface Refinement goes beyond the surface, creating a durable, protective layer that keeps your car looking stunning for years, not just weeks.

Paint Protection Treatments

As an inclusion in our Paint Protection Treatment, we offer two complimentary coatings every six months. This specific service encompasses all the benefits associated with Exterior Beautification and Surface Refinement.

The Process

  • Tar and bugs removal
  •  Polishing using fast cut plus compound
  •  Enhance shine using machine polish and ultrafine polish
  •  Cleaning and dressing Tyre, Bumper and Windshield
  •  Application of paste wax using microfiber cloth

Mini Ceramic Coating

Another iteration of Ceramic Coating, Mini Ceramic Coating proves to be an exceptionally practical option for customers. It creates a semi-permanent protective layer over the paint, safeguarding against scratches, color fading, and oxidation. Furthermore, it significantly streamlines the washing process.

The Process

  • Tar and Bugs removal
  • Polishing using fast cut plus compound
  •  Enhance shine using machine polish and ultrafine polish
  •  Application of single layer of ceramic coating at a clean atmosphere using ceramic applicator

Ceramic Wax Coating

An excellent choice for enhancing the vehicle's aesthetics and providing a finish akin to ceramic coating, this service significantly contributes to maintaining your car's radiance, keeping it looking new over time.

The Process

  • Sanding using micro fine sheets at high scratch areas
  • Polishing using fast cut plus compound
  •  Enhance shine using machine polish
  •  Bring to high gloss using ultrafine polish
  • Application of ceramic wax using wax applicator